Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lecture by Dr. Astrid Lipinsky

10.00h - 12.00hm, Friday, 16 September 2011

Dr. Astrid Lipinsky, Assistant Professor, University Vienna, Austria
" Multiculturalism in children's books:Taiwanese authors on migrant brides and their families"


Conference Room, 2nd floor, 1st Academic Building,
Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies,
Chang Jung Christian University,
396, Sec. 1, Chang Jung Rd.
71101 Guiren, Tainan, Taiwan +886 (0)6-2785123 ext. 4011

Chinese Abstract

Lecture by Dr. Scott Simon

May 27 2011, 10.00h - 12.00h

Dr. Scott Simon, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology,University of Ottawa,Canada (in Chinese)



Conference Room, 2nd floor, 1st Academic Building,
Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies,
Chang Jung Christian University,
396, Sec. 1, Chang Jung Rd.

71101 Guiren, Tainan, Taiwan +886 (0)6-2785123 ext. 4011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New English language publications of our staff available

1. “Whither Taiwanization?” State, Society and Cultural Production in the New Era

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, Vol 40, No 1 (2011)

Edited by Yoshi Amae and Jens Damm:

Open Access at http://hup.sub.uni-hamburg.de/giga/jcca

Contributions include:

Introduction “Whither Taiwanization?” State, Society and Cultural

Production in the New Era

Yoshihisa Amae, Jens Damm

Pro-colonial or Postcolonial? Appropriation of Japanese Colonial

Heritage in Present-day Taiwan

Yoshihisa Amae

Tracing “Taiwanization” Processes in Taiwanese Presidential Statements

in Times of Cross-Strait Rapprochement

Lutgard Lams, Xavier Li-wen Liao

Taiwan’s Ethnicities and their Representation on the Internet

Jens Damm

Generational Change and Ethnicity among 1980s-born Taiwanese

Tanguy Le Pesant

Divorcing China: The Swing from the Patrilineal Genealogy of China to

the Matrilineal Genealogy of Taiwan in Taiwan’s National Imagination

Yin C. Chuang

2.  Taiwanese Identity in the 21st Century: Domestic, Regional and Global Perspectives (Routledge Research on Taiwan Series)

Edited by Gunter Schubert and Jens Damm
Link : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Taiwanese-Identity-21st-Century-Perspectives/dp/toc/0415620236

3. Politics of Difference in Taiwan (Routledge Research on Taiwan Series)

Edited by T.W. Ngo and Hong-zen Wang
Link : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Politics-Difference-Taiwan-Routledge-Research/dp/0415564077

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Call for Papers and Panels of EAPCA(East Asian Popular Culture Association) Inaugural Conference

Call for Papers as PDF
Call for Papers and Panels

The East Asian Popular Culture Association (EAPCA), the newest branch of the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association (PCA / ACA), will hold its inaugural conference during September 1st – 4th, 2011, at the Howard International House , Taipei, Taiwan.
Popular culture often transcends national, political and social boundaries, and this has become all the more true with the shrinking global village. EAPCA was founded with the purpose to shed light on this paradox and other complexities regarding East Asian popular culture.
EAPCA is now inviting proposals for panels and papers on East Asian popular culture,. We encourage imaginative perspectives and critical interpretations of popular culture as a medium to convey memory, as we hope to explore the way popular culture has been utilized to convey meaning to past events, how the global flow of popular culture changes the way people recognize their own history and how popular culture affects the socio-cultural map of East Asia.

Our tentative panels are as follows:
Manga/Anime Culture
East Asian Popular Music
East Asian Film and TV Culture
East Asian Martial Arts Culture
Baseball Culture in East Asia
Gender and Queer Issues in East Asian Popular Culture
Historiography in East Asian Popular Culture
Politics and East Asian Popular Culture

We welcome submissions for further panels to be added and individual papers, as well as roundtable discussions and workshops. The conference language will be in English, although there will be one panel where presentations may be made in Japanese and another panel in Mandarin with interpreters. However, all EAPCA proposals must be in English. Please email all submissions with attachments in Word or PDF file format and with “EAPCA proposal (NAME OF APPLICANT, TITLE OF PROPOSAL)” in the subject line.

When submitting a panel proposal:

include an abstract between 150 – 200 words that outlines the panel’s theme (include title)
designate one panelist as the contact person and include contact information
indicate audio/visual needs.

When submitting a paper proposal (individual or part of a panel):

a one-page abstract (include title)
short biography of the author
audio/visual needs
address, phone number, and email of author

The Program Committee assumes all members of proposed panels have agreed to participate.

The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2011. Please note that there is a registration fee of US$150 for international participants. All participants are expected to fund their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Please email submissions to both of the following:
Dr. Yin C. Chuang and Mr. Ben Hlavaty, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Prof. Masashi Ichiki, Chikushi Jogakuen University, Japan

Note: The 10th annual International Conference of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature (10th ICTCLL) will be held during September 5th – 7th, 2011, at National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei (SEP 5 – 6) and Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan (SEP 7). The 10th ICTCLL will be hosted by the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei.