Other Activities

Field trips

Prof. Yoshi Amae took international students on a history tour in Tainan. The group visited the National Taiwan History Museum and Wushantou Reservoir on April 12.

Snapshot taken in front of the History Museum

Snapshot with students in front of the bronze statue of Hatta Yoichi

Conference and Workshops

1. We have been working on a biannual international conference on "Taiwanese Culture" since 2005 in collaboration with the Department of Taiwanese Languages, Literature and Culture, National Taiwan Normal University. The most recent conference was held on September 5-7, 2011 on the topic of "Popular Culture in Taiwan."

6th International Conference of Taiwan Culture.
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Photos of 7th International Conference of Taiwan Culture

2. International Workshop: "'Whither Taiwanization?': State, Society and Cultural Production in the New Era"
Venue: Chang Jung Christian University
Date: April 23-24, 2010

With the funding from the Ministry of Education, National Taiwan Literature Museum and Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Center, GITS organized an international conference to tackle on the timely issue on the state and the future of "Taiwanization" under the Ma administration. The conference was organized to challenge the notion that Taiwanization is on the reserve, if not dead, after Ma's ascension in 2008. Some of the works from this conference have been revised and published in the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (April 2011)