Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guest Lecture: Rosa Enn

CJCU, 24 October 2013. 10.20-12.10. Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies,2nd Floor, Meeting Room.

Guest Lecture, Rosa Enn, PhD candidate, University of Vienna, Austria, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology: 

The impacts of modernity on Orchid Island’s Tao people

The people living on remote islands have to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of their geographical isolation. The indigenous Tao of Orchid Island (Lanyu) have preserved their cultural traditions much more effectively than perhaps any of the indigenous groups on Taiwan,  they were not influenced by mainstream Han Chinese society to the same extent as the other indigenous communities. However, the impact of modernity, such as rising tourism and the influences from the outside world have had far-reaching consequences for their traditional lifestyle and social structures.

The Tao have had to deal with various forms of injustice ever since Taiwan’s period of martial law. The remote location of their homeland from Taiwan became of great interest to the government in the 1970s. The appropriation of land on Orchid Island was to be used to deposit nuclear waste and that solved the government’s problem of finding a convenient and appropriate storage site. The Tao were neither informed nor included in the decision-making processes regarding this undertaking. Since 1982, 100,000 barrels of toxic waste from Taiwan’s three nuclear power plants were dumped on Orchid Island for intermediate storage.

The empowerment movement succeeded in stopping the delivery of nuclear waste barrels to Orchid Island in 1996. In addition, the islanders managed to obtain monetary compensation and social welfare. However, the Tao strongly depend on these compensation benefits nowadays. Due to having the dumpsite for more than 30 years and enjoying the respective compensation, the people had no incentive to develop a self-sufficient and sustainable economy in order to create income possibilities and, therefore, the dependency on monetary compensation remains unsolved.

This anthropological research deals with governance and environmental justice, indigenous peoples’ rights and empowerment in terms of social inclusion and participation in political and environmental decision-making. Furthermore, it looks at the transformation of ethnicity due to the influence of modernity and how the indigenous peoples interact with the issue of changing their way of life, as well as the representation of gender in ethnographic research.

Rosa Enn was born in Salzburg/Austria. She lives in Taipei and Vienna, where she is enrolled in a PhD program of the University of Vienna at the Institute of Social Anthropology. Her fields of expertise are indigenous peoples with regard to their social, cultural, and legal positions within national and international discourses, human rights, and various forms of governance. In her PhD she develops methods, together with indigenous peoples, NGOs, governmental, and international institutions, to implement environmental justice strategies among indigenous communities in Taiwan who live in remote areas and are exposed to ecological colonialism. She has conducted several field researches in Taiwan and Brazil. Beside her studies, she supports NGOs in Taiwan and Switzerland as a scientific researcher.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Workshop: Ethnicity and Gender in Taiwan

Organized by Chang Jung Christian University, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies, and the University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies/Sinology
Dr. Jens Damm, CJCU, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies
Dr. Astrid Lipinsky, University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies/Sinology

Monday, 30 September 2013, 9:00 – 17:30

Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies
6F, 1st Academic Building, Sec. 1, 1 Changda Rd., Guiren District, Tainan 71101, TAIWAN
Office Tel:
(06)2785123  ext.4011
Dr. Jens Damm
Office Tel: (06)2785123  ext.4019

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome Applicants for International MA Program in Taiwan Studies!

Application deadline (May 31) is approaching soon! Those who are interested, check the information on website, or directly contact Yoshi Amae (

Wafa Ghermani on Taiwanese flims

Wafa Ghermani gave a lecture on Taiwanese films, titled "Taipei on screens" at our institute on April 23, 2013. Wafa is a Ph.D. Candidate at University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris. 

International Lecture Series Announcement

May 14, 2013

主講人:Paul Joseph Lim
講題:Taiwan in Asia-EU Relations


Jens Damm and Yoshi Amae present papers at EATS 2013

Jens Damm and Yoshihisa Amae attended the 10th Annual Conference of EATS in Lyon, May 2-4, 2013. 

Amae, Yoshihisa
"Building Communitas Through Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites of War Memory in Taiwan"

Damm, Jens
"Taiwan Cross-Strait Cyberpsace and Its Influence on the Establishment of a Public Sphere in China"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Society and Culture in Taiwan: Transforming Taiwan: Social, political and cultural aspects

長榮大學台灣研究所 - Dr. Jens Damm 達嚴思 and Dr. Astrid Lipinsky
GTS011 碩士班台研所1A班: 台灣社會與文化專題
Society and Culture in Taiwan: Transforming Taiwan: Social, political and cultural aspects

08 March 2013
former Confu­cius Institute („Vorgelege“)
Transforming Taiwan. Introduction to the seminar
Astrid Lipinsky, University of Vienna
08 March 2013
The Multiculturalization of Taiwan: The construction of the 'four main ethnic groups'
Jens Damm, Changjung Christian University, Tainan
13 March 2013
Popular Culture in Taiwan
per Video
Yin C. Chuang, National Taiwan Normal University (to be confirmed)
10 April 2013
Food culture in Taiwan
per Video
Atun Chuang, Changjung Christian University
(to be confirmed)
24 April 2013
18.30 SIN 1
30 Years of Free Organizing with State Support: Taiwan's women's movement
Astrid Lipinsky, Universität Wien
08 May 2013
The imagery of 17 Century Taiwan
Ann Heylen, National Taiwan Normal University
15 May 2013
Ethnic re-classification in Taiwan
Michael Rudolph, University of Southern Denmark
22 May 13
The Evolution of High-tech Industrial Park in Taiwan and China
Liang-Kung YEN, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

We welcome students to enroll in this course co-taught by the Department of Sinology Vienna and the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies, CJCU, Tainan, or to join the lectures.
For more information, please contact  Jens Damm (達嚴思)