Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Application Instructions

I. Students of foreign nationality wishing to apply for admission to the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies' Master's degree program should submit an application packet consisting of all materials listed below. The complete application packet should be sent to Chang Jung University 's Division of Academic Affairs (DAA), postmarked before May 31.

For more information (MA program and government scholarships), 
please contact Dr. Yoshihisa Amae
Office Tel: (06)2785123  ext.4018

  • Two copies of the application form (with two attached photographs)
  • Copy of the highest diploma received (if not originally in English, please include English translation).
  • C.V. (English)
  • Copies of any publications
  • A brief biographical statement
  • A plan of proposed research
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Certificate of good health (including vaccinations and freedom of contagious disease)
  • Certificate of financial support (demonstrating sufficient resources to support study in Taiwan )
  • Application fee of NT$1500
II. Annual admission is limited to 10 students.
III. The application review process contains the following steps:
  • All documents in the application packet are first evaluated by the University's Division of Academic Affairs (DAA). After this, the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies (GITS) convenes an admissions committee to consider the applicants, and this committee returns its decisions to the DAA some time before June 30, for final review.
  • The decisions of the DAA review panel are approved by the university president, after which individual students are notified of acceptance.
IV. Even after an admission is announced, the discovery of fraudulent material in the application or any other significant impropriety will result in expulsion from the program.
V. The final certification of an applicant's status as an admitted student is filed with the  Ministry of Education by the University's Division of Academic Affairs, prior to November 30.
VI. Scholarships for admitted students are available through the state Ministry of Education (MOE). The application for such scholarships must be filed by the student directly with the MOE, according to MOE regulations.
VII. Admitted students who do not present themselves on campus until after the semester is already more that 1/3 over will not be permitted to begin their study. They must arrange special approval by the chair of the Institute and the dean of the College of Humanities and Social Science in order to be permitted to begin study in the subsequent semester.
Costs (per 18 week semester)
Tuition NT$ 47,000
Dormitory Lodging NT$ 11,000
Deposit NT$ 3,000
Total NT$ 61,000

There exist government scholarships for foreign graduate students as follows. Inquiries about application must be made directly to the relevant government agency:
  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship: 30,000 NT$ per month and a round-trip economy class airplane ticket
  2. Ministry of Economics Scholarship: 30,000 NT$ per month
  3. National Science Council Scholarship: 30,000 NT$ per month
  4. Ministry of Education Scholarship: 30,000 NT$ per month
To download forms:
Application form
Autobiography and study plan

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